A New Season

As the snow finally arrived overnight last night and gave some much-needed moisture to Denver, we’re in the throes of growing season preparation. We’ve hit the ground running in the new year and are very excited about what’s on the horizon. Here are some of the things we’re working on:

1. NSA Shares – This season we’re selling 10 NSA (Neighborhood Supported Agriculture) shares, up from 8 last season (we’re starting slowly). So far, we’ve received reservations for 9 of them. That means we’re nearly ready to place our seed order and get things started in doors. We’ve also partnered with a local greenhouse owner to help care for little seedlings before they’re ready to go outside.

2. Direct-market sales – We’re also working to develop relationships with other local businesses who will either buy some of our produce or allow us to set up a regular produce stand. The Curves location where Jeanine works part-time has already invited her to sell produce there again this summer. Ideally, we’d like 1-2 more similar partnerships.

3. Help – Jeanine, as you may know, is pregnant and due to deliver baby #2 in June! We’re thrilled but also working on finding help in the gardens this summer. We’re advertising for two interns for the growing season. So far we’ve had 6 applicants and we hope to make offers in the next two weeks. Perhaps you’re looking for an interesting opportunity this summer. If so, go over to our Volunteer page and click the link to our online internship application. In addition to interns, we’re preparing for some work groups this spring.

4. Relationships – We continue to work diligently to develop trust and credibility in our community. Having really been “operational” for a year and a half we feel that we’ve got a good base of connections and support. We’re continuing regular gatherings in our home (always involving food) and engaging new opportunities in the community.

5. Organization – We’ve made application to the IRS for The Table Church and have already received confirmation of the establishment of The Table Urban Farm as an incorporated organization. Now we await approval of our request for non-profit status.

So we’ve been busy! But it’s been a very productive month and we’re excited about the possibilities of the new season. And thankful for the snow…

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