• Pastor Craig & Jeanine

Jeanine Kopaska Broek


Jeanine completed her Master’s Degree in Public Health at Hunter College/CUNY in New York City (2011) which has led her to pursue links between agriculture and public health. Her passion to see food grown in unsuspecting places led her to develop a master’s thesis on farming corporate campuses as a worksite wellness initiative. Jeanine’s years of study were enhanced by keeping her hands in the dirt locally as she worked for a local community supported farm. Prior to her time in New Jersey, Jeanine worked in higher education as the Director of Admissions at Kuyper College (Grand Rapids, MI).

Jeanine enjoys camping, biking, and hiking with her family in her spare time, and via her work with The Table, has fulfilled her dreams of sharing vegetables from her bicycle.

Craig Broek


Craig began his professional career in pastoral ministry in Ridgewood, NJ. After serving for 6+ years, he and Jeanine began to pursue a vision of non-traditional ministry. His passion to see people developing in their faith journey shapes his work and community interaction. He enjoys meeting people and building relationships especially through sports and recreational activities, like umpiring and coaching. Craig has also been trained as a Level 1 StrengthsFinder Coach.

In his free time Craig enjoys all sports, taking on new projects, reading, cooking, and home brewing.

Craig and Jeanine have been married since 1999 and have two young children.

Our Team


Social Media Guru and Volunteer Coordinator

Originally born in Boulder, I am a Colorado native that has always had a love for people and the lifelong connections you can make through friendship, community, and family. This is why I chose to study Human Development and Family Relations at the University of Colorado in Denver. Throughout my journey towards my degree I realized that my passion for food is almost as great as my passion for people, and a lot of time these two can go hand in hand. I also have a great love for coffee and enjoy watching travel shows about international foods and almost any cooking show that is out there.

The importance of good nutrition and the impact it can make both physically and mentally hits close to home for me. After getting my bachelors degree, I hope to go on to study nutrition and eventually meld all of this into a family based nutrition program. My goal is to offer knowledge and assistance when it comes to implementing the benefits of healthy foods, especially during the transition phase for new parents and growing families.

I am so excited and honored to be a part of The Table, and look forward  to making connections with members of the community while being able to help grow beautiful organic healthy foods.

Apply to be a 2022 Garden Intern

The Table is receiving applications for our summer garden intern position. Since 2012 we have hosted at least 2 interns each season. The work of the intern is part of the season’s garden team and works closely with the Lead Grower of The Table Urban Farm. The intern will develop an understanding of community development through small-scale garden production. Hands-on experience will provide opportunities to grow in proficiency especially in the areas of growing food in a semi-arid climate, identification of beneficial insects along with a knowledge of organic practices in pest management, as well as gaining a basic understanding of season practices related to irrigation, planting, maintaining, and harvesting of small-plot intensive gardening practices. The intern will also gain experience in community systems, practicing the intimate connection between local food and community development.
Interns will complete their own research project on a topic of their interest, with support and approval from the Farm Director.
Intern will also a 10 week curriculum on the basics of urban farming.
Compensation includes a scholarship, veggie share, and unlimited coffee. Housing may be available and will be considered on a case by case basis. To apply or with questions, please email Jeanine (jeanine@denvertable.org).