people gathered around a table

Feast – Brunch Worship Gathering

The Feast is the community worship gathering of The Table and takes place every Sunday morning at Grandma’s House Brewery (1710 S. Broadway, Denver). It’s an opportunity to share good food (potluck style), get to know other people associated with The Table community, and experience grace through both. The morning includes a meal, time for focused conversation, and opportunities for connection with others, personal reflection, and connection with God. Kids are welcome to join in the meal and children’s activities are provided after we finish eating and begin more in-depth conversation.

What to bring: A dish to share and your own table service

What to expect: Aside from the great food, this season we will focus on the Psalms of the summer. Each gathering will begin at 9 AM with the Psalm of the week and a brief reflection, the potluck brunch, then feature interactive conversation and opportunities for creative expression. You can expect to listen, ask questions, reflect on who God is, and be challenged to see how our narratives fit together within the greater narrative. We will conclude around 10:30 AM with a sending blessing.

For more information, join our worship Meetup here.

Pub Theology of Denver

Do you like wrestling with questions that matter? Do you like good beer? How about enjoying both at the same time? Pub Theology of Denver is a monthly conversation with friends (new and old) about things that matter. We’ll gather for a pint and kick around some questions. We’ll be open and honest – everything is on the table. If you’re going to get bent out of shape if someone questions what you think, maybe this isn’t the place for you. But if you believe that whatever might be true ought to be able to stand up to some hard questions maybe it is. Some of the greatest conversations about theology and God have happened in local pubs. To join this MeetUp group and keep in touch with the next gathering, click here.

Green House

The leadership training group of The Table, the Huddle, trains members to develop the habits of Jesus. In a smaller group of 8-12 people, we invite and challenge one another to answer two primary questions: What is God saying to you? What are you going to do about it? Through participation in this core group of the initial Table Community, leaders will develop the character and competencies of Jesus with the goal of developing and leading the next generation of Table Communities.