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Urban Farms

The Table Urban Farm has been growing food organically in Denver since 2012. Each year has seen the development of new and improved ways of growing and distributing food, supporting our communities, and embodying grace in the city.

We grow all of our produce within Denver’s Platte Park and University Hills neighborhoods, do most of our transportation and distribution by bicycle, and use only organic growing techniques, so you know that your food is local and organic. Due to limited amounts of large, available plots of land, we partner with private homeowners who will allow us to use their yard space to grow vegetables – from raised beds on unused driveways to entire back and front yards – we like to grow vegetables in unsuspecting places. If you are interested in partnering with us, visit our Volunteer page.

100% of the food we grow is donated back to our communities either through local partners or via the Veggie Bike. We depend on local support and involvement. Your time, energy, and resources can enable us to engage our neighbors with authentic community, nourishment, and tangible grace. We invite you to participate in our community events and have a taste of what we’re growing!

What we do in our community


Have a extra space in your garden?

We are always looking for people willing able to share portion of their garden to support our mission of feeding Denver with quality produce.

free veggie bike produceVeggie Bike

Free veggies?!? What’s the catch?

Nothing! They really are free and it really is fun. We aim to share tangible grace in the form of fresh produce with our community. The Veggie Bike helps us do that. How does it work? You grab a bag. You fill it. You smile. You share. #SowItForward. The Table’s Veggie Bike made its maiden voyage in June, 2015, transporting the freshest, most local produce to neighborhood hangouts to give away vegetables from The Table gardens.

Now in its third season, the Veggie Bike has drawn a following and as we set up at Platte Park or Corvus Coffee or Grandma’s House Brewing, our neighbors begin migrating toward the bike with their bags at the ready. We want to bring the food to the people! Do you want to know where the Veggie Bike will be next? Follow The Table on Facebook (The Table), Instagram (@denverthetable), and Twitter (@denverthetable)!

Jeanine holding broccoliVolunteer

Have a few minutes to spare?

We offer regular opportunities to volunteer in our gardens in the evenings and weekdays. You are welcome in whatever time works best for you. Your time will be spent learning about the gardens, accomplishing actual gardening responsibilities, and enabling The Table to be a tangible presence of grace and beauty in the community.

To volunteer we invite you to join our Meet Up group by clicking here.