The Veggie Bike

Our harvest is shared through curbside markets around our neighborhood. “Take what you need, plus a little more to #sowitforward” is our motto.  The produce and flowers are offered on a “give what you can” basis. We aim to share tangible grace in the form of fresh produce with our community. The Veggie Bike helps us do that. How does it work? You grab a bag. You fill it. You smile. You share. #SowItForward.
The Table’s Veggie Bike made its maiden voyage in June, 2015, transporting the freshest, most local produce to neighborhood hangouts to give away vegetables from Table gardens. Now in its 9th season, the Veggie Bike has drawn a following and as we set up near the Platte River bike path by the Table Public House (2190 S. Platte River Dr.), our neighbors begin migrating toward the bike with their bags at the ready. We want to bring the food to the people! Do you want to know where the Veggie Bike will be next? Follow The Table on Facebook (The Table), Instagram (@denverthetable), and Twitter (@denverthetable)!