The Table Urban Farm exists to solve Denver’s hunger problem.

In partnership with members of our local community, we grow food in under utilized plots in south Denver. The Table Farmette Program  invites aspiring gardeners to join The Table in growing and sharing seaonal produce. Using organic growing techniques, we partner to plant, tend, harvest, and share healthy produce and beautiful flowers. Our goal is to share amazing food, educate fellow eaters, and grow healthy communities.


We believe all people have the right to healthy, organically-grown food. The Table provides nourishment through a network of neighborhood gardens in three ways: 1) growing food specifically to supply local partners like food banks, school backpack programs, and shelters for the homeless; 2) giving away food to our neighbors via Veggie Bike; and 3) providing food for Table Community events.

In addition to feeding the body, The Table also provides nourishment for the soul. Table Community events, both large and small, are designed to equip participants to foster life-giving relationships through something as simple as sharing food and conversation.


All people have the need for relationship. At The Table we invite mere acquaintances to real friendship. We place such high value on developing relationships at the table because it is in community that cities, neighborhoods, and individual lives are impacted, improved, and even transformed. Most of our community activities involve a meal, encouraging participants to slow down and enjoy friends as much as we enjoy food.Our hope is to see strangers become friends become family.


The Table is devoted to experiencing, communicating, and sharing tangible grace. We acknowledge that fear and mistrust easily dominate relationships. We aim to break down mistrust and fear by giving the free gift of food, as well as sharing tables together in multiple venues. We believe that grace is most easily and tangibly found in sharing food with others.