Our Musings

“Find grace among neighbors” trumpet our new garden signs. But what does that really mean? Whenever we try to depict “grace” in our publications we find that this value (we have three: community, nourishment, and grace) is the most difficult to illustrate. They say pictures are worth a thousand words but grace, it seems, takes a thousand words to describe. Here’s a simple definition: grace is giving and/or receiving something good that was not deserved nor expected. So if you find grace at The Table among neighbors, what unexpected good things will you give and receive? Of course by telling you about it you may well now come to expect it. The risk is worth it. Here’s a story – word picture, if you will – of what grace looks like at The Table:

At The Feast (our biweekly community dinner) we’ve place a greater emphasis on hearing the stories of our community. Specifically, each time we have asked another member of the community to tell their story. Each time someone tells their story we allow time for questions and conversation with the story tellers. It’s been not only fun, but also revealing as individuals talk about their life events – both good and bad. But what’s been most revealing is what happens after the Feast is over. Around 7 we “officially” wrap up the event and start clean up. But last night was different. People lingered in small groups, sharing stories, becoming friends, exchanging contact information, becoming community. The grace in the picture is that strangers are becoming friends and there really is nothing like finding friends in unexpected places like a patio by a garden.

Where have you found grace recently? Sometimes it’s there but we just haven’t seen it. Yet.