Sneak Peak into Summer

From getting dirty in the gardens to BBQ-ing to participating in weed crawls, we have been busy over here at The Table. We would love to share some of our memories with you so far – come take a look!


Check out our greenhouse.













BBQ, fresh air, and some gardening: the perfect combination.











Welcome to our Weed Crawl – complete with brownies and Cheetos.





















And lastly, FOOD!

Introducing The Feast, the first of many to come this season. If you do not yet already know, The Feast is where we gather ’round the table to eat and enjoy each other’s company. This season we will be highlighting stories of people in our community.The first Feast, Jeanine told her life story as we sat with open ears.







Come to the second Feast on Sunday, June 29th to see who will share their life story next!



Thanks for checking up on us! We have had a great start to the summer season. Some amazing things are blooming (literally and figuratively).  All of us here at The Table hope you can join us in future events!

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