Roots and Shoots – the day after

What a tremendous day.  The Table Gardens are officially launched and blessed as a result of yesterday’s event.  By rough estimation (very rough) there were around 70 people who came at some point during the 2-hour extravaganza.  We planted potatoes, beans, and onions in 18 raised beds; we pitched the vision of The Table; we received words of welcome, encouragement, and partnership from Elaine Granata (founder of Granata Farms, Denver), Sharon Neufeld (Executive Director of Community Ministries, Denver), Angie Stevens (one of 15 homeowners in The Table Garden network), Ed Schans (First Christian Reformed Church, Denver), and Steve Fortenberry (Common Ground Church, North Lima, OH); we blessed and watered the gardens; and then we ate fantastic food and enjoyed community.  We’re so thankful to so many folks who pitched in by volunteering in one way or another.  We’ve posted pictures on our facebook page and will also put some here soon.  Here is the blessing we concluded with yesterday:

“God the Creator, you promised that when we pray to you for the city, you will hear and prosper this city.  So, may the grace of planting dead seeds, receiving sunshine and rain without cost, the miracle of silent growth, and the benefit of beautiful produce extend your grace and prosper this community.  May these gardens provide beauty and bounty and offer a testimony of faith.  And may all who encounter these gardens experience a taste of heaven.  In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”

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